IT Support

You can contact us for a wide range of IT support, including sales, installation, troubleshooting, repairs, data security, training and advice.

Our experience covers all major platforms like Windows, OS X, iOS, Linux and Android.

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We can advice you on suitable specifications for your new hardware purchases.


We can assist you with the selection and installation of proprietary or open-source software

We can also provide or organise training in the use of most software packages.

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Back-Ups & Restores

Most important for any business or organisation is to have reliable back-ups of mission-critical data as well as of data that you are required to archive by law.

We can assist you in setting up appropriate back-up hardware and software.

Hard Disk Rescues

When one of your hard disks fails, we can restore your back-up or retrieve as much data as possible from the damaged hard disk.

Internet Access & WiFi

We have experience with the selection and installation of several internet and local network technologies like ADSL, NBN, mobile broadband, satellite broadband, wired networks, and wireless networks (WiFi).